Composite Products

Using EMI/RFI shielding composite material, we can produce a wide range of connector gaskets, waveguide gaskets, and strip gasketing in different cross sections. The most common materials are listed below.

Elastomer/Oriented Wire

Elastomer/Oriented Wire is a composite material combining the environmental sealing properties of silicon elastomer ( solid or sponge ) with the EMI/RFI shielding capabilities of Monel or aluminum wire. The wires are embedded perpendicularly to the contact face of the gasket providing 600-900 points of contact per square inch between the enclosure and the cover. Gaskets manufactured to the customers exact drawing requirements can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Closing pressure is required for such applications to achieve EMI shielding. Typical shielding effectiveness is 45dB to 10kHz, 100dB at 10MHz and 80dB at 1 GHz.

Elastomer/Expanded Metal

This composite material consists of Monel foil expanded ( per MIL-S-46044 ) to a strand width of 0.02 inch. The strands are filled with 50 durometer silicon elastomer to form an excellent EMI-environmental shielding material. Gaskets manufactured from this material cannot exceed 12 inch width, unless multiple pieces are accepted. Where environmental sealing is not required, unfilled gaskets can be supplied. Available in 0.02 in. and 0.03 in. thickness. Shielding effectiveness is 100 dB at 10 MHz and 70 dB at 1 GHz.

Elastomer/Woven Mesh

Material developed for thin application down to 0.016 in. and is made of woven aluminum mesh impregnated with either neoprene or silicon elastomer. Maximum gasket width is 8 in. with thickness from 0.016 in. to 0.020 in. Shielding effectiveness varies from 30 dB at 10 kHz, 100 dB at 10 MHz to 57 dB at 1 GHz.

Elastomer/Metal Particles

This conductive filled elastomer has excellent EMI shielding properties providing more than 80dB attenuation from 500 kHz to 10 GHz. Gaskets of various shapes and cross sections can be molded, die-cut or extruded from this material. The most common conductive filling particles are pure silver or silver-plated glass. Gaskets made out of this material are very effective environmental seals.