About Us

A manufacturer of conductive Shielding Products for the Computer, Military, Aerospace, Medical, Telecommunications and Electronics Industries. High durability, low cost products to fit the Shielding requirements of our customers since 1989!

EMI / RFI Product Line

  • Wire Mesh with Mesh or Elastomer Core, Single Strip
  • Mesh/Elastomer Gaskets Multi-Strip and Ready Gaskets
  • Mesh/Metal Gaskets, Aluminum Extrusions, Frames or Strips
  • Compressed Mesh Gaskets
  • Cable Wrap Mesh
  • Honeycomb Shielding Panels
  • Dust Shielding Panels
  • Elastomer/Oriented Wire
  • Elastomer/Expanded Metal
  • Elastomer/Woven Mesh
  • Elastomer/Metal Particles
  • Custom Die Cutting Services

Founded by John Ciucur in 1989, EAC SHIELDING brings to the marketplace over 25 years of experience in design, engineering and manufacturing of EMI and RFI shielding products.

In 2010 EAC SHIELDING expanded to a larger location to better meet the demands of their customers. Today, EAC is a Woman-Owned Small Business serving the leading Electrical, Aerospace, Military and Medical Industries.

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